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Fact: I am Christian.

Fact: I am an officer in my church’s college group.

Fact: I smoke.

Fact: I have a tattoo.

Fact: I like to drink, not excessively, but again, I drink.

Dilema: Judgement

Why is it people think that it’s wrong to smoke, drink, and have a tattoo and be a Christian?

My smoking, drinking, and tattoo have no detrimental side effects to my faith. I still live for Him, I still worship Him, I still put my life in His hands, I still love Him, I still serve Him, I still believe in Him, I would die if that is what He had planned for me, I still pray to Him, I still lift up all I am to Him.

And yet, I still face so much criticism and get so much crap from everyone at church.

I conduct the duties of my position as a church officer accordingly, my work is always top quality and on time. Ask anyone in my peers or group of friends and they’ll tell you I love my Father and I live my life accordingly.

And yet, I still hear so much crap, face so much criticism, and endure so much judgement.

When I smoke, I put on a hoodie, pull the hood over my head, and find a place where no one is watching. When I finish smoking, I pull off my hoodie, leaving it inside out to hide the smell, I put on scented hand sanitizer, I gargle water, I chew gum, and I wait a few minutes to air out the smell.

When I drink, as sparingly as I do, I make sure it’s never a day before a church event. I make sure I drink in moderation - I’m not into the whole let’s get messed up drinking - and I make it a habit to not say anything about the drinking at church. It’s no one’s business but my own.

When I got my tattoo, I made sure it was in a place that I could hide. I make sure that no one at church sees it. And, the tattoo wasn’t something weird, it was something that holds great meaning to me.

So now, again, why does it matter?

Recently a few people have come to me saying, “How can you be Christian when you smoke and live such a worldly life?”

Others have told me to stop smoking in public… Uh, have you ever SEEN me smoke? Odds are, unless you’re one of my closest friends, you probably haven’t.

I get so much crap about my “lifestyle” as they have deemed it, that it makes me wonder, Am I wrong? Or are the ones judging wrong?

I’m just really confused and fed up…

It shouldn’t matter… What I do… I don’t do anything to detract from my faith. Ask any of my close friends and peers… So why does it matter so much…?

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Bible+Coffee = Awesome 😄 #bible #fun


Bible+Coffee = Awesome 😄 #bible #fun

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